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Sind Sie ein Installateur? - Installationsrabatt erhalten. Kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen

AES 603 DECT Eco Black Callpoint Wall/Desk Mount Audio Handset

von Aesglobal

AES DECT 603 ECO series wireless video intercom system, suitable for a household or business. High quality, reliable intercom system.

Our Eco Intercom is a small and sleek, with high quality crisp audio for easy point-to-point conversation. The unit is made of polished black acrylic which leave the unit looking very elegant. Button lights up in the evening time giving it a very minimalistic finish. Great speaker on the front for a clear conversation with the homeowner. This intercom is able to call up to 4 numbers on a rollover. Has all the standard features like easy set up via SMS or using our APP. Quick and easy install for installer.

Main features

  • Wireless video intercom system for use with gates / doors
  • Loud weatherproof 1.5 watt speaker
  • Built-in gate / door release relay
  • Access to security screws for increased protection against manipulation
  • 24V DC power supply included

Quality design

  • Modern, stylish, curved design
  • Illuminated key (s) and elegant blue backlight

Portable video monitor

  • Up to 4 handsets / indoor units per system.
  •  Built in voicemail feature to record missed callers at your door or gate (playbackfrom handset).
  •  Re-Chargeable batteries included as well as a changing base for handset.
  • -Easy pairing option. Easy to adjust volume and ring tones.


  • Dual-technology radio communication offers world-class, market-leading functions
  • Voice - two-way DECT digital with 1.88 GHz
  • Video - digital one-way spectrum at 2.4 GHz
  • Video intercom with the largest range in the world (approx. 200 m, 450 m open field)
  • Add a total of 3 audio handsets to complement the main video handset

Optional keyboard

  • Illuminated keyboard for easy operation in the dark
  • 3 relay outputs which are all independent of the intercom / app relays
  • Locking and momentary operating functions
  • 4-8 digit passcode protected
  • Stores up to 1200 user codes

What's included

  • 1 x intercom (outdoor voice output)
  • 1 x radio antenna with long range
  • 1 x power supply
  • 1 x Portable Video Monitor (Indoor Voice Panel)
  • 1 x instruction manual